Door to door itineraries for
the informed power traveler

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For travelers who like

door to door guidance

making informed decisions

outsmarting delays and disruptions

travel agencies who

desire to provide more service

wish to engage with travelers beyond the moment of booking

strive to strengthen their brand

corporate travel managers

looking to support their travelers en route

who want to push policy content to travelers in a natural and friendly manner

with a need for bespoke travel guidance

About mTrotter

We love to travel smart, well prepared and to avoid unnecessary disruption. We love when someone looks out for our interests, provides us with door to door information and keeps relevant travel details in one place. We want to be notified about flight delays, airport issues, public transport strikes etc. We want corporate policy to be easy and fun to comply with.

We could not find an affordable solution for this. Travelers deserve a better travel experience, travel managers deserve better tools and travel agencies deserve to sell more than commodity flight seats. Smart modern technology provides a way forward. This is where our mission starts.

mTrotter is an itinerary management solution, provided as an online/offline capable HTML5 app. It runs on all modern smartphones, and installation is as easy as following a link. We monitor flight delays amongst other events, and notify our users via SMS. To get to and from the airport we provide comprehensive, easy to use ground transport guidance as an integrated part of the itinerary. Our solution is provided as a white label solution, packaged as an integrated feature of the travel agency. The guidance, and other content in the itinerary solution is customized for specific corporate needs to serve as a tool for corporate travel managers.

mTrotter is a service from mTrotter Technology AB, a privately held company in Stockholm, Sweden. We aim to keep a streamlined organization and focus on producing and developing our service. But we love to honor the relation with our users as well as meeting new potential partners so please don’t fear getting in touch with us via our contact us page for any enquiries.